Monday, 13 March 2017

10 Reasons Why Writing is Like Juggling

1. Everybody can learn how to juggle if they want to.
2. To juggle well requires a lot of skill and patience.
3. Watching other people juggle, will help you develop your art and become a better juggler.
4. You also need to practise. Sometimes you will drop the balls and look like a complete arse, but you just have to pick them up and start again.
5. You can juggle almost anything – from raw eggs to flaming spears – but you still have to learn the basics.
6. Throwing the first ball into the air is the easy bit.
7. Catching it is the next easy bit.
8. Keeping all your balls in the air at once is when it gets really difficult.
9. Done well, juggling is a thing of beauty.

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